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The gun with the safety

The first shots are echoed in the shooting range of Bayonne, New Jersey, in mid-December 2004, before a small group of sixty people: scientists, deputies, senators, journalists and law enforcement officials. There was no applause, but the satisfaction was palpable. The first


Biometric Gun Safe

was so loudly presented to the world, because it was computerized and programmed so that it could be used only by its rightful owner, in this case, a policeman in security service at the New Jersey Polytechnic University (NJIT).

The spread of rifles and guns in the United States, where the possession of firearms is constitutionally allowed to anyone, is so high that fatal accidents are the order of the day. Some of them are so grotesque as to make those who are led to the macabre humor smile, as is the case with that young man who started shooting a few inches away from the lizards who were sunbathing on a boulder near their home (perhaps he had never heard of rebounds, we can guarantee that he will never hear of anything again). Others are chilling, as happens when two children play with a weapon found in a drawer that turns out to be true and charged.

The intelligent gun developed at NJIT by professor Michael Recce, associate professor of computer systems, and his team incorporates sixteen sensors, which measure the shape and size of the hand, the type and strength of the grip, even the style with which the trigger is pressed: it is biometrics, a science that is relatively new and full of hope. The model demonstrated in December is only a prototype, because the scientists who created it still want to improve reliability (already over ninety percent) and at the same time allow greater flexibility in the customization process. For example, it would be useful if a gun assigned to a police department agreed to be used by all body members only.
The development of the safe weapon has required relatively little time (we began to reason in 1999) and a few Quattrini: two and a half million dollars, one of which comes from federal funds and the rest from the coffers of New Jersey. The local legislature has also approved a law according to which, three years after the sale of the first commercial models of personalized and safe gun, the sale of ordinary firearms will finally be prohibited throughout the state. Now some New Jersey politicians are thinking of proposing similar legislation at the federal level.

The goal is to launch safe weapons on the market in January 2006. To work for this goal is an Australian company, Metal Storm, which has signed a contract with NJIT in order to use patents on the sensor system and he expects to add to them some of his own innovations, including the electronic ignition of the projectiles and the possibility of using different gauges in the same weapon.
In the future a little more remote, according to Professor Recce, there are different applications of the same technology. For example, cars and planes that allow themselves to be driven only by the legitimate driver: and so, no more car thieves and no more terrorists crashing into skyscrapers. Not bad, for a research project that cost so little …

Why drinking green smoothies?

One green smoothie for breakfast – a sea of vitamins, minerals and good for the body, even without changing the whole diet! Try to drink for two weeks for breakfast one or two glasses of smoothies. I promise that you will see changes in the skin condition of the person, tidal energy in the morning, and the general state of health.

1. Energy Charge

Green smoothies provide our body with essential nutrients that help to feel cheerful and energetic throughout the day. Instead of coffee in the morning, prepare green smoothies!

2. Shining clear skin

Thanks to the antioxidants in green cocktail skin shine and maintain a smooth and matte. Smoothies help cleanse the skin and forget about the foundation for all!

3. Super metabolism

Unlike juice, smoothies are dietary fiber, through which the metabolism improves its work. This allows you to always stay in perfect shape and lose weight to your desired weight.

4. Slim figure

Green smoothies combine herbs and fruits, making them nutritious and reduces cravings for a harmful snack. Best friend figures – green smoothies!

5. Strong teeth and bones

Excess dairy products, meat, and refined sugar our body oxidizes. Also washed our own calcium and bones become weaker. A green, green vegetables, on the contrary, provide alkalinity to neutralize the acid and provide the body with calcium. Instead of yogurt make green smussi and enjoy!

Smoothies are not only useful but also incredibly delicious! Other recipes for green smoothies can be found on my Instagram the tag #retseptfresh .

Oh yes! You will definitely be interesting to know the secret, how to make a smoothie.

My favorite base smussi: 1/2 cup water + a large handful of fresh spinach + apple + kiwi + 1/2 + 1/2 ripe avocado banana

Improve your Home Security

Home security products are the best way to protect yourself, your family, and every valuable inside your home, sometimes a person needs extra security self-defense products to help them feel safe in their own home, it is recommended that you consult with experts in the field as you consider the many types of security products that you can buy and you can improve your personal home surveillance in a variety of ways. There is no question that out of all of the purchases you make for your home, best home safe will rank high on your priority list. The decision to choose one type of security products over the other is largely a matter of personal preference.

A best home safe is vitally important in today’s unsafe world. They are useful for people possessing licensed guns who are always looking for such gun safes with fingerprint identity techniques so that their ammunition and guns can be stored safely. The Electronic Digital Fingerprint Gun Safe on the other hand is a traditional box like fingerprint gun safe having hinged doors that are tamper proof and multi-bar secured. Measuring 14.75″ by 11.75″ with a height of 12″, it sports an electronic fingerprint identity technique. Some advantages that the customers are happy with are that this model has an external battery back up facility which can be plugged externally in case the battery charge goes down. Moreover, this model also comes with an internal key.

From single purpose items to full kits for putting home security system, you can find it all and one of the most popular home security self-defense products is a security camera systems with wireless system technology. Wireless security products certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages. For many the major advantage of wireless security products is that the systems are easy and inexpensive to run on installation. The wireless system comes with one base unit with an AC adapter, LCD monitor-receiver, software, window/door sensor, motion detector, SD memory card and remote with a panic feature for alarming and disarming the unit, offers plug and play video security for your home. You can have a complete digital video surveillance system up and running in minutes. One of the best home safe system with do it yourself you can find here, just for your review or you can find more by search button in my page.

Wireless security system products that do not require wires are so simple to install because you do not have to worry about installing complicated wiring into the walls. Another advantage of wireless security products is that they can be easily moved from one location to another in your home. Another feature in wireless home products is a weatherproof video security system giving you instant access to video any time, anywhere-on your mobile phone, online or at your computer.

The best place to start finding information about home safe products is from the Internet, because the internet is a great avenue for buying many products. The internet online selection is much broader and prices are cheaper with discounts usually available. Finding the best products, be smart, invest in a security products and protect your family.

Why is it important to get enough sleep?

Do you know the lack of sleep has the deep impact on your routine activities and on your personality? Many neglected this fact and next morning they take strong coffee or Energy drink to cheer. We will discuss why it is important to get enough sleep and why sleep is vital to our mental and physical health.

Why do we sleep?


The first question that scientists are trying to answer – why a person sleeps?

Scientists have developed several theories that explain why we spend a third of life in sleeping.

1.Theory energy conservation

According to this theory, the main function of sleep is to preserve resources of the body for the energy consumption during the day and evening. In nature, it so happened that the day and night time is the best for hunting and searching for food.

Studies have shown that human metabolism is reduced by 10% during the night, which supports this theory.

2. Theory of inactivity

According to this theory, sleep helps a person to survive because at night we are the most vulnerable because of darkness. At night we stay silent and motionless, that helps to avoid the eye of predators that might eat or kill us.

3. Recovery Theory

This theory is based on the fact that a full sleep helps the body restore its function.

Numerous studies on humans and animals have confirmed this theory. It has been discovered that muscle growth, cell regenration and protein synthesis occur during sleep.

4. The theory of brain functioning

One of the current theories argues that sleep affects brain functioning.

Sleep plays an important role in brain development of children because kids are sleeping about 13-14 hours a day.

And adult sleep reduces the ability for mastering new information and impairs productivity during the day.

As reflected in the health of the lack of sleep?

Each of us sees that lack of sleep negatively affects mood, besides feeling fatigue during the day and have no desire to do anything.

But most do not realize that regular lack of sleep contributes to the emergence of serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases.

According to Harvard Medical School, chronic lack of sleep leads to the following consequences:

1. Weight gain due to changes in hormone levels

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of obesity. According to studies, people who sleep less than 6 hours per day have a higher body mass index, relative to those who sleep 8 hours.

During sleep, the body produces hormones that control appetite and glucose metabolism. When we do not get enough sleep, then there is an imbalance in hormone production. Increased stress hormone cortisol, increased secretion of the hormone insulin after a meal. Decreased levels of the hormone leptin, which sends a satiety signal to the brain, while ghrelin increases, which increases the appetite.

As a result, after a hearty dinner, again there is a desire to eat, increased craving for sweets as a quick source of energy.

2. The risk of heart disease

It is proved that people suffering from hypertension have increased pressure on the next day, after a sleepless night.

And people who sleep less than 6 hours a day, probably located in autonomic cardiovascular diseases.

These findings explain the link between lack of sleep and heart disease.

3. Reduced immunity

The study found that people who sleep at night to fully cope with the disease better. And people who regularly do not get enough sleep often get sick.

4. The reason for the bad mood and tiredness

Do you notice that the day after a sleepless night, you feel tired and easily annoyed at others?

This reason for anybody, not news, but studies have shown that the regular lack of sleep is very likely that you will always be in a bad mood.

5. Reduced ability to concentrate and memory impairment

The study investigated were up more than 16 hours. Reduced ability to concentrate, memory loss, drowsiness – the changes in brain activity that have been discovered by scientists using EEG.

Everyone who spent only one night without sleep concentration decreased significantly, logical thinking, mathematical potential and ability to assimilate new information.

How many hours of sleep you need?

The best way to answer this question – listen to yourself. How much hours you need to feel fully rested? 6-7 or 9-10 hours? Each person is different, there is nothing wiser own body, just need to learn how to hear.

The number of hours for a full sleep depends on genetic factors and your age. Scientists at Harvard University advised not to include the Service while on vacation and sleep as much as you want, so you will be able to determine the optimal amount of sleep hours for you.


Get enough sleep – a pledge of good mood, beautiful shape, vitality and good health.

Go to sleep in a room with the windows open, do not eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime, enjoy mint tea before going to bed and take away the bed away from the gadets like mobile phone, laptop, tablet. This will help you easily fall asleep and wake up cheerful!

The Combination of Foods. The simpler, the better!

How to avoid bloating, heaviness and drowsiness after eating? Easily! Choose simple dishes and follow the rules of combination in their diets. You will forget about the extra pounds and feel energized.

The heavier the food, the less energy, and wider waist

After eating, you should feel a surge of strength and lightness! If you want to lie down in the afternoon, then the reason is almost always the wrong combination of foods.

Heavy combination overload the digestive system, because all the energy is spent on digestion. This causes loss of strength, bloating and heaviness, a set of extra kilos and the constant desire to eat something harmful.

Rules of combination products

The Golden rule of nutritional diet is to have the simpler food, the better! Try to simplify dishes to a minimum of ingredients, follow the rules:

  1. Fruits shall be used an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after main meals,
  2. Before each main meal (except breakfast) eat vegetable salad,
  3. Animal proteins combined with non-starchy vegetables,
  4. Starches combine with vegetables,
  5. Animal proteins and starches do not match,
  6. Animal proteins from different groups are not matched,
  7. Vegetable proteins combined together,
  8. Starches combine together,
  9. Fruit combine with greens, but not with melon,
  10. Vegetable fats combined with starches and vegetables
  11. Vegetable fats do not combine with proteins (or very little),
  12. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits combine with each other and with non-starchy vegetables,
  13. The neutral products combined with all categories except fruit.

Categories of Food

  • Animal protein –  dairy products; eggs; meat; bird; a fish
  • Vegetable proteins –  nuts; seeds; protein powders plant-based
  • Starches –  starchy vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, plain potato, yam); Cereals and grains (rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and etc.); bread, crackers; paste
  • Vegetable oils –  avocado, vegetable oils
  • Fruits –  all kinds of fruit
  • Dried fruits –  Dried
  • Neutral foods –  vegetables; seasonings and spices; honey, coconut nectar, maple syrup; natural cocoa, carob and dark chocolate (70%)

Better digestion -> more energy -> more beauty!

When we eat simply, it improves digestion work. The easier combination, the greater the internal energy is released. So you better feel all day long and look great!

Examples of simple combinations

Anyone can begin to follow the rules of healthy food combinations. Below are a few examples, as for conventional power, and for vegetarianism and veganism:

  • Rolls with avocado and cucumber
  • Salad
  • Fish with Vegetables Garnish
  • Light salad with mushrooms and chickpeas
  • Guacamole with amaranth leaves
  • Beef steak with vegetable sauté
  • Salad with spinach and grilled prawns
  • Pasta with tomatoes and basil
  • Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and sweet potatoes
  • Mashed sweet potatoes with vegetable
  • Vegetable salad with fresh cheese
  • Homemade granola bars

There are exceptions to the rule

There are always exceptions to the general rules. For example – “Do not combine starches and proteins.” This applies to meat and french fries, it is a very difficult combination. A starch and goat milk products are more easily absorbed by our body.

Nobody is perfect

Sometimes you can digest the wrong combination. It is better to eat in the afternoon for dinner, so the body has fully consumed breakfast.

As soon as you feel the difference in energy level, combining the right products, you will start to intuitively choose simple dishes. Listen to your body and watch for the feelings.

And have you noticed the reaction of the body to certain foods or dishes?

Beautiful day to you!

About Hygienity of Your Carpets

The warmth and tranquility that embrace your body when walking barefoot on a fluffy carpet are unique. And yet, if you know what lives inside your carpet, it is doubtful whether to enjoy it again. Because however, the pleasure is closely connected with memories of your childhood, your first concern should be the care and carpet cleaning , for which it is recommended to choose a reliable and guaranteed result Carpet . Purification of carpet is a process required at least every 12 to 18 months, whereas in the case of children or pets being in the family, for hygiene reasons, some must be cleaned two to three times a year.

So what lives in your carpet?

  • The mites are the number one allergen agent worldwide. They are in invisible to naked eye and are microorganisms which belong to the spider family. They live with you, feeding on necrotic your skin cells and grown mainly in the hot and humid environment. For this “make party” breeding during the spring and summer. Then, as a direct result, they multiply all allergenic risks. In addition, a dust mite produces about 20 fecal in a day. Discharges of harmful protein found in their droppings along with the decomposed parts are the main cause allergenicity. When the mites and their feces are inhaled, they can cause allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and other significant health problems so serious asthma attacks that can lead you to the hospital. Another known disease caused by mites that “live” in your home is the scab, which is contagious. The scabies mite nestles in the skin of humans and animals and causes initially itch. The most well-fed them, even bite the skin and lead to rashes. Estimated per square centimeter live 5000-15000 mites.
  • Mold: The mold is different types of microscopic fungi that are found everywhere and are an integral part of the ecosystem. There are too many species and several dozens of them can grow inside homes. They feed on organic matter and reproduce by releasing spores. They can cause health problems, particularly asthma attacks, sinusitis, bronchitis and other lung diseases and allergies.
  • Bacteria and viruses: Did you know that some viruses such as norovirus, responsible for stomach problems, can survive in a dirty carpet for more than a month? In your carpet, so you can live the cause of your pneumonia, your cough and many other diseases that afflict your time.
  • Spiders: alive or dead, is not very important. They are spiders! Within your carpets.
  • Pollen: Especially in houses located in the countryside, pollen is a spring phenomenon hurting your health, because allergies cause you. Pollen trapped in your carpet fibers, causing long-term breathing problems.
  • Fleas: even if you do not have pets, fleas can break into your house from the courtyard, clothes or shoes. And it is sure that your carpets will attract them immediately. Fleas will be installed in your house, eating and multiplying, in the end, will sting you, your children and your pets. And their bites are painful and cause intense irritation and itching.

Are Electronic Cigarette Dangerous?

In recent years more and more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes either as a means of gradual cessation of smoking or as an alternative to traditional smoking. In the minds of all these, then, as those who think to use it, there is the question of whether e-cigarettes are safe or do you hide risks that can be borne by the organization. The answer to this question can not be entirely clear, however, tends to support the safety of the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette works producing steam from a liquid, which contains water, propylene glycol, glycerine, flavors, and nicotine. Widely marketed only recently and therefore have not been long-term studies that have investigated the effects of the human body. He can therefore no knowing how it can affect the body using the electronic cigarette after decades. Scientists can only make assumptions and are contradictory.

On the one hand, there are those who claim that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional, and in them, there is burning and the user does not employ tar. Moreover, while traditional cigarettes include around 4000 substances, many of which are toxic and proven carcinogenic, electronic cigarette only contains the above substances, none of which has not been shown that propylene glycol is carcinogenic, as for example it is approved by the drug agency and used for many years in food and medicines but also as an antiseptic, and has antibacterial and anti-viral activity. Moreover, the electronic cigarette is 1800 times fewer nitrosamines – strongly carcinogenic substances; compared to a traditional cigarette. As to the nicotine contained in the fluid replacement, it is emphasized that in itself and in reasonable quantities are not harmful or burden the heart. Finally, there have been short-term studies, according to which the smoke or steam of the electronic cigarette does not cause disturbances in the systolic and diastolic function of the heart or the blood flow in coronary vessels and does not block the air passages, as with traditional smoking, while not observed and effects on passive smokers.

On the other hand, there are the scientists who are hesitant to electronic cigarette. They mainly indicate the persistence of the smoking pattern through the electronic cigarette, pattern which can be particularly harmful to children and adolescents who can not distinguish so easily the difference between the two species. Apart from the social and psychological dimension of the issue, the experts agree that, even if the liquid of electronic cigarettes substances have been proven safe in food or medicines, one can not know their effects, if inhaled in large quantities and for long while and published study, in which there is an inflammatory reaction in the airways after steaming. At the same time stressed the risk of nicotine, which in high doses can even cause death, while its chemical form that is added to the fluid replacement electronic cigarettes produced without testing for purity and concentration.

How to Clean the Washing Machine Filter

One of the parts of the washing machine you should not forget to clean deep is the filter . Failure to do so may damage this appliance and may impair proper laundry. So if you do not want to run out of your washing machine in a short time, keep reading this article. Paper, fibers and all types of materials accumulate in the filter of this unit, which can clog the filter as you use the washing machine. If you accumulate a lot of waste, your washing machine will start to wash all laundry worse and might end up spoiling. In this article, we will tell you, in detail, how to clean the filter of the washing machine.

  • Clean the filter of the washing machine is a task that should not be ignored; It is advisable to do this with some frequency to ensure that the washed clothing comes out clean and smelling. In addition, your appliance will have a much longer life, something good for your wallet. It is also convenient to combine limescale cleaning with that of the filter, so the result will be much more effective.
    To clean the filter, you will need a small bowl (or another small plastic container), gloves, clothes and a sponge to dry the water that falls on the ground. If you like, you can also use a little mild soap to eliminate bad odors.
  • To begin with the task of cleaning and eliminating all the dirt and grime that accumulate, you must first empty the washer completely. You should not have laundry inside and you should carry out a drainage program to keep it clean. Then, should loosen the filter. The normal thing is that when it opens, a little water accumulates. To avoid soiling, place one of the cloths under it to collect any leaking liquid. Then you should remove the filter and clean the debris from the inside or the pump.
  • Make sure that there is no obstructing material for water to pass through. Then soak the cloth with a little mild soap and pass through the place. Thus, it will leave a pleasant smell and remove any stain left by the accumulated waste. Finally, thoroughly rinse the cloth to rinse through the surface, remove all traces of soap, and finally wipe the entire interior
  • When you have finished removing the dirt from the filter, place it in the same place and close tightly. Do not do this in a hurry and be sure to close tightly, otherwise when putting the washer to work the water will come out all over. When in place, the filter is perfectly clean to work again and see how the results will notice in the next wash.

In addition to the filter cleaning, it is important to take care of the maintenance of other important parts of the washing machine, such as rubber, which may favor the appearance of mold and black spots.

How to Store Food in the Refrigerator

The arrangement of food in the refrigerator should not be done casually, in fact, the temperature inside the fridge is automatically diversified across the all areas and this ensures the good preservation of foods provided they are properly placed.

It’s important is to keep the temperature under control , especially in hot weather. Then, where you put the eggs in the fridge? Where to put raw meat and fish? Fruits, vegetables, milk, and butter where it is better to place them? Below is a useful guide to the proper disposition of the food in the refrigerator, the proper way of storing leftovers and cleaning.

1 – Which foods are high in the refrigerator zone

The top shelf of the refrigerator is less cold, the cold fact tends to go down. This area reaches the ideal temperature of 5-8 ° to preserve:

  • Cheeses
  • Yogurt
  • Meat in tin packs
  • Cooked Food
  • Eggs

2-Central Zone of the Fridge

The central part has a temperature from 4 to 8° c, ideal for storing:

  • Meats that are already open,
  • Pasta, meat and grilled vegetables,
  • Leftover Food,
  • Sauces,

3-Lower Part of the Refrigerator

The shelf just above the small drawers at temperatures ranging from 2 to 5°. Here you place:

  • raw meat
  • raw fish
  • poultry and raw foods

4-what to put in the drawers at the bottom

The drawers are placed at the bottom have a low temperature, between 2 and 5° and are reserved for:

  • raw fruit raw vegetables
  • raw vegetables

5-What you put in the door

The door or door has a temperature of 5-10° and is suitable for:

  • milk soft drinks water bottles wine
  • soft drinks water bottles wine
  • water bottles wine
  • wine

How to store leftovers

Cooked food scraps or opened cold cuts should be tightly closed and never stored without vacuum containers.

Fruit and vegetable drawers

Fruits and vegetables must be wrapped in paper towels or paper bags to prevent moisture and condensation are formed which quickly rot plants and vegetables. It is also advisable to empty them and clean them often.

Where is it better to put the eggs in the refrigerator?

For eggs usually found an appropriate container located in the door, but it is best to store them in the foreground possibly in their original packaging, preferably of plastic and cardboard not because of more hygienic. Also, it would be ideal to wash them and put them upside down.

How to remove unpleasant odors

Often the refrigerator takes odors. To remove them you can put a little bowl of vinegar and milk.

Tips to getting the best refrigerator

  • Do not place the food on the wall at the bottom.Do not cover the grates because it is important that there is good air circulation inside the refrigerator
  • Do not cover the grates because it is important that there is good air circulation inside the refrigerator on one shelf and the other.From time to time defrost the cooler especially for the part of the freezer, to prevent excessive current consumption.
  • From time to time defrost the cooler especially for the part of the freezer, to prevent excessive current consumption.

Tips and Tricks for Christmas

images-of-christmasChristmas shopping is really a pleasure and everyone wants from children to the adults wants to fully enjoy it. Children enjoy this event in their own way while adults ensure its celebration by decorating the Christmas tree, dining table and to cook various delicious foods.

In such events, to avoid stress and fatigue the key secret is to manage this volume of activity. You need to do your preparation in advance. We also give you some ideas for setting the table for Christmas and holidays.

Practice these simple tips … try it yourself!

Prepare in Advance

To prepare a variety of delicious Christmas food, you must be fully energetic especially for cooking. Therefore it’s wise to arrange your activities according to their priority a plan in advance.

Better go ahead with invitations a few weeks earlier to get the confirmation regarding the number of guests. The choice of meals and any requests for help must be made at least one week before. A good solution is to plan in advance those basic preparations that can be stored in the refrigerator and thus ready for use.

Christmas Spending

For wise spending, the trick is to prepare a list of required items and exclude the ones that are already available to you. You need to buy the missing ingredients required for your pantry. Indeed it’s a laborious work to find the required ingredients in stores but at the right time, if still there is something missing, such situation will be embarrassing for you. So let us make sure that you have all basic ingredients, for example salt, pepper, oil, butter, vinegar, sugar, coffee, milk, wine, lemon, parsley, the dowry (carrots, celery, and onions), garlic, onions, flour, eggs, bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese. You will dramatically bring down your spending by properly planning it.

The Christmas Dinner Menu

The choice of the menu must be done carefully, that’s why it’s better to do it in advance. We must, first of all, decide whether to choose traditional or innovative food. Simplicity is always the best way to avoid bad surprises. Prepare simple and delicious food for which you already know the outcome.


We should be cautious with the number and the amount of the starters to prevent guests already satiated before the first round. Or better to choose appetizers that are light enough.


A handmade egg pasta is always welcome at all and has a fast cooking. Better not to risk but if you do not have enough experience and if guests are numerous. Also, the risotto takes some experience. Sure, a nice baked pasta never let’s go, and the chance to make the sauce in advance, maybe 1 or 2 days before.


If you choose to make meat you should buy it where we find it really good. Even a roast cooked well if meat isn’t excellent is hard, dry and stringy. The meat, however, allows us to carry out the purchase, although they can be good. If you prefer fish (usually on Christmas Eve table especially in the South Italy), unlike the flesh would be preferable to buy it fresh … of course is a must for the more traditional and valuable fish (like the lobsters) the reservation. If the result is cool, needless to say, it will be better. Decided the menu, you have to think about how it will look on our dinner table. If you choose the tradition will be easy to recreate an equipment with traditional style, yet elegant and refined. Space to the imagination, then, taking into account any suggestions that we offer. Print or write a menu for guests, it may be an original idea. Practice these simple tips to make your perfect Board.

Introduced the Christmas menu

An original idea is to prepare a paper with the menu for each guest or a poster to hang on the wall. You can choose to make them by hand, choosing the beautiful paper and a nice pen writing courses, choosing a style and color that fits the overall taste of the Board. For those who have the means can do it to your computer and print it out. What the picture (click to enlarge) was created with the computer, cut out and glued to a cardboard and placed so that face peeping from the napkin.

The Christmas table

To set the table does not exist the right advice, there is room for all tastes and needs and especially for fantasy.  Without excessive expenditure can set a beautiful table. You can choose to abandon the traditional red to color the table with other colors well matched and in different shades or even choose white. White dishes on a colorful tablecloth will give even more emphasis on the presentation of meals. The important thing is that there is some consistency. Choose a color you can use decorations that you blend as pictured, a simple and inexpensive Pine Cone red colored with a golden belt will beautify every room in the place. Nobody forbids to use non-conventionally “objects” at Christmas, then why choosing maybe shades of blue, don’t use of shells as a placeholder, with maybe painted the invitee’s name?

Set the table with white

White is a symbol of the whiteness of the snow and synonymous with elegance and refinement. To avoid an effect too “aseptic” and too “serious”, you can play by matching another contrasting, like green or blue. The tablecloth is white, white porcelain and crockery can be also soberly decorated, steel cutlery and Crystal glasses befit a lot. Accessories: you can add as an ornament a centerpiece that always recalls the white and shades of green.

Set the table with red

More traditional this equipment mainly because he sees how prominent the color red, Classic Christmas color. The Red tablecloth and napkins will highlight other elements like the white plates, Crystal glasses and a centerpiece with colors of white and red and some green will give a personal touch to the collection.

Lay a golden table

You can also choose to make a luxurious table and glistening and somewhat showy, using very gold. If you opt for a tablecloth with many golds, best detach with plates and cutlery to be white and steel, with Crystal glasses. More elegant would be donated by a modest gold decoration easier with the tablecloth, table mats and coasters Golden and white dishes. In this case, the usual crystal glasses will give light and brilliance to the collection if you don’t have glasses slightly embellished gold workings.

Christmas candles

The shimmering light of the candles gives particular and evocative atmosphere to the table, but you have to be cautious in using them. First, if you want to place a centerpiece or other types of decorations, candles get a little “more” and are likely to weigh down the overall appearance. In addition to some people give their annoyance. If you really don’t want to do without it will be obligatory to Choose unscented candles in order not to alter the aromas of the dishes you serve to your guests. If at your table will sit. candles could become a danger. Besides we all know that when you blow out the candles often wax “goes around” and almost certainly past Christmas we will make it hard to remove wax from tablecloths.