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Why drinking green smoothies?

One green smoothie for breakfast – a sea of vitamins, minerals and good for the body, even without changing the whole diet! Try to drink for two weeks for breakfast one or two glasses of smoothies. I promise that you will see changes in the skin condition of the person, tidal energy in the morning, and the general state of health.

1. Energy Charge

Green smoothies provide our body with essential nutrients that help to feel cheerful and energetic throughout the day. Instead of coffee in the morning, prepare green smoothies!

2. Shining clear skin

Thanks to the antioxidants in green cocktail skin shine and maintain a smooth and matte. Smoothies help cleanse the skin and forget about the foundation for all!

3. Super metabolism

Unlike juice, smoothies are dietary fiber, through which the metabolism improves its work. This allows you to always stay in perfect shape and lose weight to your desired weight.

4. Slim figure

Green smoothies combine herbs and fruits, making them nutritious and reduces cravings for a harmful snack. Best friend figures – green smoothies!

5. Strong teeth and bones

Excess dairy products, meat, and refined sugar our body oxidizes. Also washed our own calcium and bones become weaker. A green, green vegetables, on the contrary, provide alkalinity to neutralize the acid and provide the body with calcium. Instead of yogurt make green smussi and enjoy!

Smoothies are not only useful but also incredibly delicious! Other recipes for green smoothies can be found on my Instagram the tag #retseptfresh .

Oh yes! You will definitely be interesting to know the secret, how to make a smoothie.

My favorite base smussi: 1/2 cup water + a large handful of fresh spinach + apple + kiwi + 1/2 + 1/2 ripe avocado banana

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