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Are Electronic Cigarette Dangerous?

In recent years more and more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes either as a means of gradual cessation of smoking or as an alternative to traditional smoking. In the minds of all these, then, as those who think to use it, there is the question of whether e-cigarettes are safe or do you hide risks that can be borne by the organization. The answer to this question can not be entirely clear, however, tends to support the safety of the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette works producing steam from a liquid, which contains water, propylene glycol, glycerine, flavors, and nicotine. Widely marketed only recently and therefore have not been long-term studies that have investigated the effects of the human body. He can therefore no knowing how it can affect the body using the electronic cigarette after decades. Scientists can only make assumptions and are contradictory.

On the one hand, there are those who claim that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional, and in them, there is burning and the user does not employ tar. Moreover, while traditional cigarettes include around 4000 substances, many of which are toxic and proven carcinogenic, electronic cigarette only contains the above substances, none of which has not been shown that propylene glycol is carcinogenic, as for example it is approved by the drug agency and used for many years in food and medicines but also as an antiseptic, and has antibacterial and anti-viral activity. Moreover, the electronic cigarette is 1800 times fewer nitrosamines – strongly carcinogenic substances; compared to a traditional cigarette. As to the nicotine contained in the fluid replacement, it is emphasized that in itself and in reasonable quantities are not harmful or burden the heart. Finally, there have been short-term studies, according to which the smoke or steam of the electronic cigarette does not cause disturbances in the systolic and diastolic function of the heart or the blood flow in coronary vessels and does not block the air passages, as with traditional smoking, while not observed and effects on passive smokers.

On the other hand, there are the scientists who are hesitant to electronic cigarette. They mainly indicate the persistence of the smoking pattern through the electronic cigarette, pattern which can be particularly harmful to children and adolescents who can not distinguish so easily the difference between the two species. Apart from the social and psychological dimension of the issue, the experts agree that, even if the liquid of electronic cigarettes substances have been proven safe in food or medicines, one can not know their effects, if inhaled in large quantities and for long while and published study, in which there is an inflammatory reaction in the airways after steaming. At the same time stressed the risk of nicotine, which in high doses can even cause death, while its chemical form that is added to the fluid replacement electronic cigarettes produced without testing for purity and concentration.

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