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About Hygienity of Your Carpets

The warmth and tranquility that embrace your body when walking barefoot on a fluffy carpet are unique. And yet, if you know what lives inside your carpet, it is doubtful whether to enjoy it again. Because however, the pleasure is closely connected with memories of your childhood, your first concern should be the care and carpet cleaning , for which it is recommended to choose a reliable and guaranteed result Carpet . Purification of carpet is a process required at least every 12 to 18 months, whereas in the case of children or pets being in the family, for hygiene reasons, some must be cleaned two to three times a year.

So what lives in your carpet?

  • The mites are the number one allergen agent worldwide. They are in invisible to naked eye and are microorganisms which belong to the spider family. They live with you, feeding on necrotic your skin cells and grown mainly in the hot and humid environment. For this “make party” breeding during the spring and summer. Then, as a direct result, they multiply all allergenic risks. In addition, a dust mite produces about 20 fecal in a day. Discharges of harmful protein found in their droppings along with the decomposed parts are the main cause allergenicity. When the mites and their feces are inhaled, they can cause allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and other significant health problems so serious asthma attacks that can lead you to the hospital. Another known disease caused by mites that “live” in your home is the scab, which is contagious. The scabies mite nestles in the skin of humans and animals and causes initially itch. The most well-fed them, even bite the skin and lead to rashes. Estimated per square centimeter live 5000-15000 mites.
  • Mold: The mold is different types of microscopic fungi that are found everywhere and are an integral part of the ecosystem. There are too many species and several dozens of them can grow inside homes. They feed on organic matter and reproduce by releasing spores. They can cause health problems, particularly asthma attacks, sinusitis, bronchitis and other lung diseases and allergies.
  • Bacteria and viruses: Did you know that some viruses such as norovirus, responsible for stomach problems, can survive in a dirty carpet for more than a month? In your carpet, so you can live the cause of your pneumonia, your cough and many other diseases that afflict your time.
  • Spiders: alive or dead, is not very important. They are spiders! Within your carpets.
  • Pollen: Especially in houses located in the countryside, pollen is a spring phenomenon hurting your health, because allergies cause you. Pollen trapped in your carpet fibers, causing long-term breathing problems.
  • Fleas: even if you do not have pets, fleas can break into your house from the courtyard, clothes or shoes. And it is sure that your carpets will attract them immediately. Fleas will be installed in your house, eating and multiplying, in the end, will sting you, your children and your pets. And their bites are painful and cause intense irritation and itching.

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