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How to Clean the Washing Machine Filter

One of the parts of the washing machine you should not forget to clean deep is the filter . Failure to do so may damage this appliance and may impair proper laundry. So if you do not want to run out of your washing machine in a short time, keep reading this article. Paper, fibers and all types of materials accumulate in the filter of this unit, which can clog the filter as you use the washing machine. If you accumulate a lot of waste, your washing machine will start to wash all laundry worse and might end up spoiling. In this article, we will tell you, in detail, how to clean the filter of the washing machine.

  • Clean the filter of the washing machine is a task that should not be ignored; It is advisable to do this with some frequency to ensure that the washed clothing comes out clean and smelling. In addition, your appliance will have a much longer life, something good for your wallet. It is also convenient to combine limescale cleaning with that of the filter, so the result will be much more effective.
    To clean the filter, you will need a small bowl (or another small plastic container), gloves, clothes and a sponge to dry the water that falls on the ground. If you like, you can also use a little mild soap to eliminate bad odors.
  • To begin with the task of cleaning and eliminating all the dirt and grime that accumulate, you must first empty the washer completely. You should not have laundry inside and you should carry out a drainage program to keep it clean. Then, should loosen the filter. The normal thing is that when it opens, a little water accumulates. To avoid soiling, place one of the cloths under it to collect any leaking liquid. Then you should remove the filter and clean the debris from the inside or the pump.
  • Make sure that there is no obstructing material for water to pass through. Then soak the cloth with a little mild soap and pass through the place. Thus, it will leave a pleasant smell and remove any stain left by the accumulated waste. Finally, thoroughly rinse the cloth to rinse through the surface, remove all traces of soap, and finally wipe the entire interior
  • When you have finished removing the dirt from the filter, place it in the same place and close tightly. Do not do this in a hurry and be sure to close tightly, otherwise when putting the washer to work the water will come out all over. When in place, the filter is perfectly clean to work again and see how the results will notice in the next wash.

In addition to the filter cleaning, it is important to take care of the maintenance of other important parts of the washing machine, such as rubber, which may favor the appearance of mold and black spots.

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