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Tips and Tricks for Christmas

images-of-christmasChristmas shopping is really a pleasure and everyone wants from children to the adults wants to fully enjoy it. Children enjoy this event in their own way while adults ensure its celebration by decorating the Christmas tree, dining table and to cook various delicious foods.

In such events, to avoid stress and fatigue the key secret is to manage this volume of activity. You need to do your preparation in advance. We also give you some ideas for setting the table for Christmas and holidays.

Practice these simple tips … try it yourself!

Prepare in Advance

To prepare a variety of delicious Christmas food, you must be fully energetic especially for cooking. Therefore it’s wise to arrange your activities according to their priority a plan in advance.

Better go ahead with invitations a few weeks earlier to get the confirmation regarding the number of guests. The choice of meals and any requests for help must be made at least one week before. A good solution is to plan in advance those basic preparations that can be stored in the refrigerator and thus ready for use.

Christmas Spending

For wise spending, the trick is to prepare a list of required items and exclude the ones that are already available to you. You need to buy the missing ingredients required for your pantry. Indeed it’s a laborious work to find the required ingredients in stores but at the right time, if still there is something missing, such situation will be embarrassing for you. So let us make sure that you have all basic ingredients, for example salt, pepper, oil, butter, vinegar, sugar, coffee, milk, wine, lemon, parsley, the dowry (carrots, celery, and onions), garlic, onions, flour, eggs, bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese. You will dramatically bring down your spending by properly planning it.

The Christmas Dinner Menu

The choice of the menu must be done carefully, that’s why it’s better to do it in advance. We must, first of all, decide whether to choose traditional or innovative food. Simplicity is always the best way to avoid bad surprises. Prepare simple and delicious food for which you already know the outcome.


We should be cautious with the number and the amount of the starters to prevent guests already satiated before the first round. Or better to choose appetizers that are light enough.


A handmade egg pasta is always welcome at all and has a fast cooking. Better not to risk but if you do not have enough experience and if guests are numerous. Also, the risotto takes some experience. Sure, a nice baked pasta never let’s go, and the chance to make the sauce in advance, maybe 1 or 2 days before.


If you choose to make meat you should buy it where we find it really good. Even a roast cooked well if meat isn’t excellent is hard, dry and stringy. The meat, however, allows us to carry out the purchase, although they can be good. If you prefer fish (usually on Christmas Eve table especially in the South Italy), unlike the flesh would be preferable to buy it fresh … of course is a must for the more traditional and valuable fish (like the lobsters) the reservation. If the result is cool, needless to say, it will be better. Decided the menu, you have to think about how it will look on our dinner table. If you choose the tradition will be easy to recreate an equipment with traditional style, yet elegant and refined. Space to the imagination, then, taking into account any suggestions that we offer. Print or write a menu for guests, it may be an original idea. Practice these simple tips to make your perfect Board.

Introduced the Christmas menu

An original idea is to prepare a paper with the menu for each guest or a poster to hang on the wall. You can choose to make them by hand, choosing the beautiful paper and a nice pen writing courses, choosing a style and color that fits the overall taste of the Board. For those who have the means can do it to your computer and print it out. What the picture (click to enlarge) was created with the computer, cut out and glued to a cardboard and placed so that face peeping from the napkin.

The Christmas table

To set the table does not exist the right advice, there is room for all tastes and needs and especially for fantasy.  Without excessive expenditure can set a beautiful table. You can choose to abandon the traditional red to color the table with other colors well matched and in different shades or even choose white. White dishes on a colorful tablecloth will give even more emphasis on the presentation of meals. The important thing is that there is some consistency. Choose a color you can use decorations that you blend as pictured, a simple and inexpensive Pine Cone red colored with a golden belt will beautify every room in the place. Nobody forbids to use non-conventionally “objects” at Christmas, then why choosing maybe shades of blue, don’t use of shells as a placeholder, with maybe painted the invitee’s name?

Set the table with white

White is a symbol of the whiteness of the snow and synonymous with elegance and refinement. To avoid an effect too “aseptic” and too “serious”, you can play by matching another contrasting, like green or blue. The tablecloth is white, white porcelain and crockery can be also soberly decorated, steel cutlery and Crystal glasses befit a lot. Accessories: you can add as an ornament a centerpiece that always recalls the white and shades of green.

Set the table with red

More traditional this equipment mainly because he sees how prominent the color red, Classic Christmas color. The Red tablecloth and napkins will highlight other elements like the white plates, Crystal glasses and a centerpiece with colors of white and red and some green will give a personal touch to the collection.

Lay a golden table

You can also choose to make a luxurious table and glistening and somewhat showy, using very gold. If you opt for a tablecloth with many golds, best detach with plates and cutlery to be white and steel, with Crystal glasses. More elegant would be donated by a modest gold decoration easier with the tablecloth, table mats and coasters Golden and white dishes. In this case, the usual crystal glasses will give light and brilliance to the collection if you don’t have glasses slightly embellished gold workings.

Christmas candles

The shimmering light of the candles gives particular and evocative atmosphere to the table, but you have to be cautious in using them. First, if you want to place a centerpiece or other types of decorations, candles get a little “more” and are likely to weigh down the overall appearance. In addition to some people give their annoyance. If you really don’t want to do without it will be obligatory to Choose unscented candles in order not to alter the aromas of the dishes you serve to your guests. If at your table will sit. candles could become a danger. Besides we all know that when you blow out the candles often wax “goes around” and almost certainly past Christmas we will make it hard to remove wax from tablecloths.

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